Virtual Aggression de-escalation Training for Public Transport employees

For years, aggression and violence in public transport has been a problem. Due to incidents, public transport employees feel less safe and may even develop post-traumatic stress complaints. One way to improve this, is by training the employees to prevent or de-escalate aggressive or violent situations. For this project, a prototype of a virtual reality aggression de-escalation training application will be developed. The prototype makes use of believable virtual agents that interact with the human user through text or speech. With this application, public transport employees can practice on de-escalating aggression or violence in a safe and adequate way. The added value of such a training tool lies in the fact that employees can train different all day situations in a controlled and safe environment, which is interactive and immersive, without the need for frequent role play sessions. This project is a collaboration between the VU, NSCR, Allerto and RET.